Exterior paint

 Wheter you refresh the appearance  or change the colors, painting your house can do wonders for your home. Paint provides beauty and elegance, as well as protection from the elements. By painting your home you can add value and make a great first impression....if the surface is not properly prepared, it will have a direct effect on the longevity of the paint.

Here is a breakdown of how your surface area will be prepared and how the paint will be applied to your exterior:

  • Power wash
  • Seal cracks in stucco or wood
  • Repair any damage
  • Scrape loose and peeling paint
  • Cover all landscaping, bushes, windows and other nonpainted  areas
  • Spray the exterior body
  • Brush and roll the trim ( fascia bords, doors, doors frames, etc)



Protecting the surface-cover up and masking is the first of several important steps. Masking off the baseboards and some other horizontal surfaces is important to protect against the roller splatter. We use clean plastic to cover all furniture and canvasses to cover the floor. Furniture will need protection and in some cases will be removed. Let us help you in a very professional way with your interior painting,this is what we love to do!!!